Educating the poor in Kankan Guinea

Edukan's Mission

The vocational Training Center in Kankan, Eastern Guinea, is run by the Salesians, and Caters for the education of 200 students and youth in vocational training in mechanics, auto mechanics, and carpentry.

This allows poor families to have access to quality training, which in turn provides a hope for a better future by way of providing skilled workers that might be able to find jobs in this impoverished country. Political government manoeuvred decrees have heftily increased the teachers' salaries by lierally doubling it therefore going up by 100%, and the Centre's only way to be able to afford this is by increasing the students' fees. By doing this, most families opt not to send their students to school since they cannot afford the fees. Families actually have to choose whether they buy a bag of rice and feed their family or educate their children instead.

The Salesian Cooperators aim to raise yearly operational funds to be able to fund 200 students school fees per year, amounting to approximately €6000.