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Remote Learners


There will no longer be a daily attendance check in (the red stop sign). Instead, You simply need to log on to Canvas, and visit your orchestra course, every day that you have class (either every RED day, or every GREEN day). As long as Canvas shows that you signed in (even if you don’t finish your assignments) I will be able to count you present.

Required Participation

Every Remote Learner is required to “attend” class by one of the following options:

  1. Get dropped off at McCullough before class starts, attend class, go back home.
  2. Join the LIVE zoom every time your class is in session.
  3. Watch the Zoom recordings that will be posted on Canvas. This is usually posted the next day.

Please be sure to fulfill your participation requirements before emailing to ask about an assignment. More often than not, the answer will have been given during class. Joining the LIVE Zoom is the best way to be able to get answers to your questions.

Orchestra Color Coding

As many of you know, I like to color code certain information that is specific to an orchestra(s). This will help with organizing the newsletter more efficiently.

*Black font indicates the orchestra program as a whole.