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Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Why Student-Led Conferences?

Conferences are right around the corner, and we are very excited to share our hard work with you! Students are compiling data, identifying strengths/weaknesses, and planning presentation notes for their meeting with you. Students are learning HOW to identify their abilities, as well as HOW to set goals. This is a huge step for these 4th graders, and I am proud of their very hard work, focus, and dedication to this project!

This is an important time of the year to check-in with your child about his/her work, identify strengths and areas of need, and set goals for next quarter. Please be sure to arrive on time so you have the full 30 minutes to discuss your child's work. I will send confirmation letters home with your child about your scheduled conference time. If there is a conflict, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule.

My hope for you is that you see how this is one of the most powerful days in our school year for your child. This conference empowers students to take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for their education progress and goals. Personally, it is one of my favorite days of the school year! If you want to read more about the power of student-led conferences, please read this blog. Also, be sure to watch the video below.
Student-Led Conferences: Empowerment and Ownership

Try This At Home ...

Reflect on a time you, your child, and/or your family has used teamwork, and discuss your thoughts. What makes a successful team? What makes an unsuccessful team? What skills do you have that your team needs? How can you be sure to make your contribution to your team?

Next Week's Set List (September 21-25)

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – We finished Hatchet, and the overall class rating was 4.5 stars! Wow! Many of them have chosen to read Brian's Winter already. In the last two weeks before Fall Break, we continue to explore characters in stories, and will transfer our understanding about fictional characters by writing blog posts that connect to our personal lives. How can understanding characters help us understand people? How can we use our character analysis skills to improve personal relationships?

– We will wrap up our writing unit on narratives, focusing on developing realistic, believable characters who overcome authentic struggles. We have been improving our ability to use descriptive language to describe the setting and characters. We have also been taking risks by including literary devices in our writing, by mimicking mentor authors such as Gary Paulsen.

MATH – We finis up Unit 3, focusing on geometry and data. Students are practicing interpreting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from different forms of data. The test is scheduled for Thursday, October 1st.

SPELLING – No spelling again until after Fall Break! :)

SCIENCE – No Science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We continue unit 2 in Social Studies, which investigates Indiana's early natives. Essential Questions to explore: How did the Native Americans adapt and use land features? How do people handle conflict? How do different groups influence others?

TIPS - We will use Time for Kids magazines to explore nonfiction text features.

Upcoming Events

September 30th: Early Release Day, 2:55pm Dismissal

October 1st and 6th: Early Release for Conferences, 12:40pm Dismissal

October 2nd: Field Trip money and permission slips due

October 10th-25th: Fall Break