President Reagon Shot

March 30th, 1981

My name is Jonathan Moyer. I'm a store clerk and I'm heading to work right now early so I can get off of work early cause I have a date tonight. When I walked past a shop I heard the song I love a Rainy Night. At age 26 I'm not really in to love songs but my girlfriend loves this song. We are going to the movies tonight and I just bought a nice black designer jacket and some new shoes cause I want to stay in style. I really want to look good for my date tonight. She told me she wanted to really see Cutters Way a mysterious and romantic movie. My friend said he went to go see it with his wife so I'm hoping it's decent. I would do anything so make my girlfriend happy tonight because it's her birthday.
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Cutter's Way trailer
I Love A Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbit

When Ronald Reagan got shot

I was a nice day on March 30,1981. I was walking around until I saw a group of people at the Hilton Washington hotel. I notice that the news secretary James Brady and The president Ronald Reagan. Then I remembered that he was giving a speech to the FLC-CIO leaders. I went over there and right when Reagan waved to the people I heard rapid gunshots. James Brady was laying on the ground not moving and he was moved inside the hotel. There was a secret service agent holding his side and there was blood all over his hands. There was screaming and people running away. I was shocked and I wondered what happened to the president but then I saw him rushed into his limousine. The next day it was all over the news. It said that James Brady was paralyzed and Ronald Reagan got shot. America was shocked about the attempted assassination of president Reagan. The news said that a guy named Hinckley at 25 was standing in a group of reporters and shot 6 shots. In June 1982, a D.C. jury found Hinckley not guilty cause of his insanity.
U.S. President Ronald Reagan assassination attempt.