by:xiomara nieto

What was the change?

The change was that they wantd to stop indulgences.indulgence is when prests were giving pardons for sins.Also the priests were spending money on wordly pleasures,pursuing wordly affairs.priests also broke vows by marrying and drinking and also gambaling so they wanted to stop that.

The people that were associated and what were their contribotions?

Martin Luther 1483-1546.Martin Luther wrote a 95 thesis or formal statement attacking the church,he also posted them statements on the castle church on October 31,1517 they were copied all over Germany all of this became know as a reformation. john Calvin was also associated with the reformation. he published "Institutes of the christian religon". and also protestant which was princess sighned a protest aginst the pope.

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how did this change impact society at the time.

At the time the pope was mad he excommunicated

Luther from the church ,he also demanded that his books should be burned.and he also started a reformation against the church.

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Pictures of the Reformation

How is that change seen today's modern society??

The change is that the church no longer uses indulgence in the church.also now in society they have division in Christianity.