Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, always full of surprises


Fun around every corner!

Wow! Look at all the things you can see and do in Seoul!! South Korea has a lot of night life scene, with lots of night clubs and more all around Seoul. Some traditional Korean music includes special royal ceremonial music. South Koreans have also developed lots of western forms of drama and movies.Karaoke (or noraebang) is popular in South Korea and is a way of hanging out with friends. So enjoy yourself and have fun!!


Filled with flavor

Here are all the most common foods you will see in South Korea. The most common types of fruit you will see there are apples, peaches, and pear. Rice is one of the most common ingredients in most South Korean dishes. A meat that Koreans have around most often is fish. For dinner try something new like a plate of bulgogi , made with strips of beef and lettuce or sesame and barbequed. Now you know what to look for while your there!!


Bulgogi is just one of the many popular dishes in South Korea. Another similar dish to bulgogi is geagogi. The only difference between between them though is the meat.


Creative culture, amazing art, heroic history

What are some of the culture and history in South Korea? Well, many Koreans mix cultural greetings by shaking hands after bowing towards each other so don't be shocked if someone greets you this way. South Koreans style of art is a traditional Korean paintings but add some various forms of western style with it. Koreans have a history of being very creative in the field of painting, sculpting, music, dancing, drama, and literature. History time!! South Korea became independent in August 13th 1948 but did not officially become independent until the 15th of August. Interesting, Huh?

Landmarks/Historical sights

So many sights in Seoul!

Seoul has many historical sights and landmarks that might interest you. North Seoul tower is an awesome landmark to visit in Seoul, and is 480 meters above sea level. Gate Gwanghwamun is another great architectural land mark to see in Seoul. Janmyo is another place that must be seen, it was the first Confucian royal shrine in Korea. The national museum of Korea is one of the greatest museums in a capital city, it has native art, culture, and the countries history.


Beautiful, year round.

South Korea has seasonal winds called monsoons that affect the weather year round. In the winter the monsoons bring cold dry air that brings cold weather along to. And in the summer the monsoons bring hot & humid air that come in from the south to the southeast. June is the month with the clearest weather in South Korea. So, come check out the gorgeous weather in Seoul!


Copying other countries

Have you ever wanted to know how the Korean language was formed?? Well most all of the language is influenced on other countries in Asia's language. Most Korean words come from the Chinese. The grammatical structure of the Korean language is more like the Japanese. Like Japan, Korea borrowed the Chinese vocabulary. 72 million people on the Korean peninsula speak Korean today. So why not try speaking it yourself?

Here is a map to help find your way around Seoul. enjoy and have fun!!