Caring in Education

Group 5-Alicia, Claire, Matt, Emily, Ariel


Pretty much sums it up:

“Explores the nature of caring relations and encounters in education and some of the difficulties educators have with them.”

Why is the relational view difficult for many educators?

A relational view is difficult for most educators because of the focus of individuality that is very apparent in today's Western society. Another reason is that most societies have been taught that the teacher is always right. When taking that mentality into consideration, there is naturally this separation between the students and the teacher which makes it difficult for the teacher to relate to their students.

Caring Relations as the Foundation for Pedagogical Activity

Caring relations provide the foundation for successful pedagogical activity. As educators listen to their students, they gain the students’ trust and it then become more likely that students will accept what is attempted to be taught. As students are engaged in dialogue, educators learn about their needs, their working habits, passions, and talents, all while gaining ideas about how to build lessons and plan for their individual progress.. In the end, educators are inspired to increase their own competence.

“The great privilege enjoyed by some children is that they have become participants in an on-going conversation with caring, knowledgeable adults.”


How could we change the classroom environment to make it a more caring atmosphere?


smaller classes, fewer tests, time to develop mutual interests, room for student’s individual interests to be explored

Another question!

How could a student find motivation when a teacher doesn’t take personal interest in the student?


One idea the article brings up is that if teachers develop a curriculum in their classes that is rigorous but at least includes students’ interests, students would be more interested and want to learn--which would hopefully provide a more caring and fun learning environment.

For each subject choose something that you would want to learn about and discuss it with your table:


Mathematics: geometry and properties of different shapes

Science: forensics/DNA testing

History: America’s involvement in WWII

English: fictional novels

Any fun or exciting topics you came up with?