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SIBN BLOG: How To Connect When Networking Is Expensive

We want to connect with great people who are doing great things. Right ? But how great is our own regiment of excellence maybe the greater question. To many times what want better than we pour out. We want the best, but are we the best ?

The reason I am posing these thought provoking questions is because in order for a new connection to work, it has to have value, and the weight of that value depends on our personal and professional development. Your in authentic self will attract the compliment of who you really are, not who will pretend to be.

Many times connections are made in haste, in the spirit of the moment with little thought value, or set measurability factors that will determine what would be a good fit for you according to where you are now, but also based on where you are going.

In the meantime, if you render services to someone who perhaps doesn't know what values you bring to the table, make sure you know what you expect to accomplish outside of that person for your overall mission. If not, you may become discouraged.

Our networking efforts have expenses to them and when the expenses build up it can be disturbing to not have any new activity in the form of clients, customers, etc. One sure way to ensure the connections you are making is right is to define what you want and expect from your new connections before rendering services to get connected.

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SIBN BLOG: The MobileTech Academy Summer Series 2013

When you watch the video your will witness second and third grade students who have worked to learn read scripts, edit, work camera's and other technical equipment all to develop their media team on site.

If you are interested in a MobileTech Academy Class for your youth, call for more information 415-96Radio or 678-830-3118. Feel free to also email us at Let us know how we can serve your community!