Stop Snore Review: Safe? Or a Scam?

You Might Be Able To Stop Snoring For Good With This Device

Do you ever wake up from loud, rumbling, snoring? If you or someone who sleeps beside you snores, you know the negative effects it can have on your daily life, relationships and overall performance. Snoring not only affects the person that snores, but anyone around them.

Can the Stop Snore Clip Prevent Snoring for Good?

Like most people who snore, I was completely unaware of it until someone told me. Aside from feeling embarrassed, I was frustrated and confused about what to do. How can I prevent myself from doing something when I don’t even know I’m doing it? Is there a way to control this terrible habit even while I’m sleeping? Well, the answer is yes. The answer is the Stop Snore Clip.

Stop Snore was first introduced to me by a fellow snorer, my brother. I had tried other anti-snoring devices in the past, and they were mostly inconvenient than effective. Stop Snore Clip Reviews claim the device is “A super simple device that fits perfectly into your nose. No machines, no expensive payment plans, just a one-time purchase for blissful, peaceful sleep.

How Can Stop Snore Help Me?

Before even thinking of using any type of anti-snoring device, I wanted to understand what my body was going through while sleeping and snoring. I thought, maybe my snoring isn’t that bad? But then I did some research and came across some very disturbing statistics:

According to, “About 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women are habitual snorers.” If you fall into this category, you may even suffer from sleep apnea and not even know it (which was the case for me). Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that can lead to:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • diabetes and
  • other health problems

I didn’t want to be another statistic, so I thought I’d give Stop Snore a try. I had nothing to lose.

What is the Stop Snore Anti-Snoring Device?

The StopSnore is a safe and convenient solution to snoring. My first impression when I saw Snore Stop was skeptical. You see, after discovering I am a habitual snorer, and the negative effects snoring can have on my health, I decided to get a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. In order to qualify to even use a CPAP, I had to go through tests and come up with a payment plan that would help me afford the machine (it was over $2000).

So, when I saw how tiny and simple the Stop Snore Clip was to use, I really didn’t believe it would be effective at all. All you do is insert the device in your nose. THAT’S IT. I was starting to think this may be a Stop Snore scam…

How Does Stop Snore Work?

According to Stop Snore Clip reviews, “the device uses magnets to apply pressure, opening up your nasal passages for continuous airflow”. When I tried it on, I found that the clip fit secure into my nose. At first, I thought it was a bit uncomfortable, maybe even tight, but once you’re asleep you don’t feel it.

I really like that the round tips have silicone, which make it comfortable and easy to adjust. This also makes it really easy to clean after using. The idea is that magnetic therapy will help relax your passage way to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring. I have other products that use magnetic therapy for acupressure and reflexology, so I am familiar with what it can do. If you’re into natural treatments, I highly suggest this product. Its so simple to use and you wake up feeling well rested and relaxed.

Why Is Stop Snore Better Than Other Anti-Snoring Solutions?

  • Natural - Unlike medications, teas, prescribed treatments.

  • Comfortable - A CPAP machine is worn over your face like a mask. I found it difficult to even fall asleep.

  • Affordable – CPAP machines are thousands of dollars and medications aren’t always covered by insurance plans and paid out of pocket by you.

  • Durable - You can toss this in your bag when you’re on the go and not worry about damaging it.

  • Quiet - CPAP machines create a buzzing sound when in use.

  • Accessible – Simply order one online. To get a CPAP machine, you have to visit a specialist and go through various tests. As with medication, you also need to see a doctor for prescriptions.

  • Portable – This clip fits right in your pocket. You can take it traveling with no hassles at the airport.

  • Easy to Clean – CPAP machines are so difficult to clean, they have special machines that you can purchase to clean them. So that means, you have to first buy the CPAP and then buy the machine to clean it. That’s a lot of time and money I can’t afford.

Are There Any Flaws to the Stop Snore Clip?

As mentioned before, I think the only issue I had with the clip was getting used to it. But as with any foreign object in your body, it might be uncomfortable at first. But remember, this clip is supposed to be designed to fit any nose, which is why it is a snug fit. It’s a one size fits all product.

Final Verdict

Before using the Stop Snore Clip, my sleep apnea was causing me to feel drowsy at work, fatigue, physically incapable of keeping my eyes open, and even slowing down my metabolism (I’ve already lost 8lbs). I didn’t realize what I was losing, if not only sleep. This device has literally changed my life. I used to wake up feeling half asleep every single day. But now, I wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

If you’re looking for a way to quit snoring, I highly suggest ordering this device. The first Stop Snore I had was from my brother, but I ordered more so I could keep one on my nightstand and the other I could take when I’m traveling. They are usually discounted at a special price and have really good deals (the more you order, the better the deal.) I’ll include the link here so you can check it out for yourself. And if you feel like its not for you, you can always send it back with no hassles.