Mrs. Thinnes' Class

Classroom Happenings

This week a bright orange page with question stems organized by reading level was placed in your child's folder. This sheet is an excellent guide to the type of questions you should be asking and your child should be answering at their reading level.
For many children at the level G or higher the main difference from one level to another is simply the complexity of the text (nonfiction subject matter, fables, and more) They are introduced to the moral of the story, thinking beyond the text and sighting the evidence within the text.
In next week's homework (I know cruel and unusual punishment for a short week) your child may receive a leveled reader on a different level than before. I have been formally assessing the children's reading level and am trying to adapt their leveled reader accordingly. If I have not contacted you about your child's assessment result I will be projecting what their level may be.
We after the (TRC) reading assessment we will still have 2 assessments to complete. (1) Nonsense word fluency - where children read make believe consonant-vowel-consonant words. It is a one minute timed assessment that measures your child fluency with letter sounds and blending. (2) DORF (Dibels Oral Reading Fluency) Children are given one minute to read as much of a reading passage as they can. After reading they then are give another timed minute to retell as much of the passage as possible. (Your child's fluency passage they receive in their weekly homework is excellent practice!!!)


Conferences are not mandatory at this time but please know that I am available to meet with you if you desire.

Classroom Needs

treasure box items - candy , small knick-knacks

extra snack - We are running a little low on snacks. If you have any 'extras' maybe one or two of something that you want to get rid of ... we will gladly take it! Sometimes we have days were snack may not come in, at this time we do not have any extras to cover those days.

Class Calendar

Mon. Jan.18th - No School

Tues. Jan. 19th - No School

Wed. Jan. 20th - snack - MJ
encore - Art

Thurs. Jan. 21st - snack - Noah
encore - Music

Fri. Jan. 22nd - snack - Rilyn
encore - Science

Mon. Jan. 25th - snack - Seerat
encore - Media