Week 7- Imperialism & WWI

Ms. Andreoli- American History II

What did we learn this week?

Happy Fall! Sorry for being a slacker the past 2 weeks- October is a busy month for students and teachers alike!

This week we completed our Imperialism and Progressive Era Unit. Students took a test on Tuesday, and did pretty well overall! We began our next unit on World War I on Wednesday, partaking in a yarn activity to demonstrate entangled alliances. On Thursday we completed a simulation to examine the causes of WWI. Many students enjoyed the simulation- be sure to ask your student about this activity! We will continue delving into various aspects of WWI next week.

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Students experiencing trench warfare
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Due this week:

Imperialism Packet (3rd & 4th)

Make-up work (all)

Due next week:

Nothing yet :)

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Student(s) of the Week-4th Block

This week I wanted to highlight 4th block. Although my largest class, they are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to be successful. Here are they posing in the middle of our life-sized monopoly board.

Thanks for being an awesome end to the day!

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