CLIU #21 Board Briefs

September 17, 2012

Annie Sullivan Award Recipients Honored

The Annie Sullivan Award, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units, recognizes special educators for facilitating acceptance of students with disabilities in schools and communities. The award, named for Helen Keller’s teacher and friend, honors an educator who exemplifies caring involvement with students with disabilities, helps others in school and the community to understand and accept students with disabilities, and works with students in extra-curricular activities. The award is open to any CLIU #21 teacher, therapist, administrator, psychologist, social worker, or other support staff employed by the Intermediate Unit.

This year, two individuals from CLIU #21 epitomize what this award is all about. The Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Board of Directors, Administration, and Staff recognizes the 2012 recipients of the Annie Sullivan Award: Phoebe Sechrist, Speech Therapist, and John B. Houser, Director of Special Programs and Services. Congratulations to two outstanding individuals!

Students Recognized as Campers of the Year

Shaynie Acker, Palmerton Area School District, and Matt Suppan, Parkland School District, this year's G-Club and B-Club Campers of the Year, were recognized at the CLIU Board Meeting. CLIU's extended school year camp experiences took place at Camps Mosey Wood and Wood Haven for the girls and Camp Fowler for the boys. Both the G- and B-Clubs provides special needs fstudents from Carbon and Lehigh Counties the opportunity to enhance their educational and recreational opportunities through a camping experience. These students were able to participate in this summer program with the support or the Carbon Lehigh Special Needs Children's Foundation!

CLIU Summer Programs Summary

An overview of the 2012 CLIU Summer Programs was presented by Deb Dendas, Assistant Director of Special Programs and Services. The Extended School Year (ESY) camp and classroom-based programs were held over a four-week period in the morning and served 275 students, ages 6 to 21 years, at 9 locations throughout the Carbon and Lehigh counties. Without the support from the school districts and camps, these programs may not have been realized.

The ESY programs are staffed by CLIU employees. Students in the structured-classroom programs work on goals that are to be maintained that might otherwise be lost during the summer break; while students in a camp-based program work on various social and academic skills.

The next program run by CLIU during the summer is the gifting program, funded through the Carbon Lehigh Special Needs Children’s Foundation, and supported 24 students. The Foundation does not limit the types of camp that it funds; however, students do need to be within Carbon or Lehigh Counties and have an active Individualized Education Program (IEP).

SITES is the third summer program run by CLIU #21. This program supports students who have mental health needs. These students are involved in recreational therapy, counseling, and therapeutic activities such as team building and other problem-solving skills.

Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21

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