"OWL"Standing Classroom News

Mrs. Mullins's Second Grade

Classroom Curriculum

Week of May 4, 2015:

Marvelous Math:

Weekly Learning Target: I can recognize and draw 2D and 3D shapes. I can name some attributes of the shapes such as corners, angles, and faces.

*As we wrap up the school year, you will notice that we will quickly move through math units. Each of the remaining units only have one or two standards connected to them so they are easier to cover in a short amount of time. For the next couple of weeks, we will be working on geometry standards.

*I have included the IXL math link below. This is a free math website and an excellent resource for practicing math concepts and skills at home.

Reading Rocks:

Weekly Learning Target: I can explain how authors use a variety of text features to help me better comprehend informational writing.

*During reading and writing times, we continue to work on informational text. Students created a flip-book to learn about a variety of text features. (diagrams, maps, captions, etc.) As students read, they are on the lookout for these text features in informational books. Students will begin to use these text features in the pieces that they are working on during writing.

Words are Wonderful:


Weekly Learning Target: I can write to inform others.

*Students will write personal expertise pieces... these are writing pieces that focus on topics that we already know a lot about and can teach others. Each student has identified topics for their informational pieces. They have created introductions and headings. We are currently learning how to write the middle of informational pieces along with incorporating several text features to fit our pieces.

Word Study:

Weekly Learning Target:

No Word Study This Week!

IB Unit of Study: How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea: A community changes over time to meet the needs of its members.

Weekly Learning Target: I can tell others about Fenton's history.

*Our first line of inquiry for this unit is... The history of our local community. We are learning about Fenton's founding fathers: Clark Dibble, William Fenton, and Robert LeRoy, and what motivated them to come to Fenton.

Mark Your Calendar with These Upcoming Events

May 5: Good Behavior Reward: Students can bring electronics, games, and toys from home.

May 7: Pioneer Day

May 9: State Road's Garage Sale from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

May 14: State Road Night at Hungry Howies

May 15: Popcorn Day

May 25: No School

Typing Web

This is a free online typing program that teaches proper keyboarding skills. In the future, students will be taking state assessments on the computer where they will be asked to type to compose opinion, informational, and narrative pieces of writing. It is going to be crucial that even the youngest of students have a strong knowledge of a computer keyboard. I encourage you to utilize this program with your child at home. I have included the link to the program below. I have set-up an account for each child.

Username: your child's first initial, full last name, and oo... for example, cmullinsoo

Password: your child's first and last initial... for example, cm