Finding Zasha

by; Randi Barrow Kaylie Morse p-5

Do you like dogs or learning about world war 2?

Then this is a great book for you! This book is a boy[Ivan] who is facing challenges to save two dogs[ Zasha and Thor] mean while trying not to dye in world war two!

Setting, time/place

This book takes place in world war two which is in 1939. The setting of the book takes place in Leningrad,

Plot of the story

The beginning of the book starts out with Ivan and his friends playing a game about Hitler,as they go home they get bombed by Hitler and his troops.They later find out that Ivan and his aunt have to move across the lake and stay with uncle Boris.The middle of the book was about Ivan meeting a girl named Polina and they decide to help out Petr to try to save their family,Soon later they get company from the Nazis.At the end of the book Ivan is trying to save Zasha and Thor from becoming an attack dog,As he later took the dogs and hid them to keep them safe,he looses Zasha and risks his life to find her.

Main Characters

Ivan, Aunt ,Mom, Petr, Alex[Nazi], Polina, Zasha[dog], Thor[dog].

Supporting Characters

Hitler, other Nazis.

real or fake characters

*real +fake












Historical event in the book

World war two was in September 1, 1939.When the Nazis invaded Poland and then invaded Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands,they soon spread everywhere.As the war was still on Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945. And Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945.When the war was over, everything was destroyed and nearly thousands of million people were dead. There was so much destroyed that parts of Asia and Europe were almost nothing.

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Simile and metaphor


''It was like being blown over by a sudden foul wind.''pg.18

this is comparing when Petr yelled at Ivan very loud and the wind blowing very hard.


''Ferocious strokes of the whip.''pg.189

this is comparing when Ivan had to go with the Nazi and this is being treated bad and bad memories.

Two figurative launguages


''Thor and Zasha looked like they were being chased by the devil.''pg.190

they are comparing the devil to the Nazi.


''dogs close at heel''pg.193

this is saying that the dogs were close to him not actualy at his heel.

5 new words

whereabouts-about something

the entire city know about whereabouts.

Tikhvin- a type of place

i have always wanted to go to Tikhvin.

adolescents-growing up fast

they looked like big adolescents.

bore-not much,very dull

there was little bore in resemblance.

crestfallen-sad,drooping head

he had a crestfallen look on his face

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