The Legacy Times

Vol. I - June & July 2017

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Legacy Line Backers Booster Club


We are thrilled to be sharing the first ever Legacy Times electronic newsletter (E-news)!

This E-news is a concise way to share all events and celebrations, but will not overload your email inbox. Therefore, we will place most news in the monthly Legacy Times E-news.

On occasion, you may receive an email from the following board members:

  • 2nd VP for all fundraising events - Keri Goins
  • 1st VP for all social events - Christie Halverson
  • President - Mona Savage

Booster Name Origin:

  • The Booster Club name affectionately originated as a play on words based on the football position line-backer. Thus, resulting in the name The LEGACY LINE BACKERS.

Booster Club Mission Statement:

  • Support and champion the Legacy Line program at Wakeland High School.

Booster Committees:

  • We invite you to join a social or fundraiser committee to become an active Line Backer member. More information will be shared during our first booster meeting in August. We look forward to seeing you at all 4 Booster Club Meetings held during the year.

Click HERE for the Booster Calendar 17-18.

Booster Questions:

  • Communication lines will always be open. Please send any inquiries using the following pathway if/when questions arise during the year, so we can best serve all members: committee member - committee chair - board member - director

We look forward to serving WHS Legacies and Mrs. Grubb!

Top L-R: President: Mona Savage (Sergeant, Sarah); 1st VP: Christie Halverson (Legacy, Hannah); 2nd VP: Keri Goins (Legacy, Hollie)

Bottom L-R: Secretary: Lisa McManus (Legacy, Ella); Treasurer: Kim Meissner (Sergeant, Alyssa); Past Board Member: Cheryl Doerr (Head Manager, Matthew)

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Summer Social: Annual Legacy Line Luau

1st VP: Christie Halverson

We are super excited to be having our ANNUAL LEGACY LUAU!

Aloha to some Q&A:

What is the Luau and why do we have it?

  • The Luau is the Legacy Line Induction Ceremony, along with the reveal of all squads

When will it happen?

  • June 12 @ 5:30 (formal invite sent home with Legacies with all details)

What to Wear:

  • Casual Summer Attire - Hawaiian Style!

What to Bring?

  • Families are encouraged to sign up for 2 items on the Sign Up Genius

Please Click on this LINK to Sign UP!

Who attends the Luau?

  • A Legacy and her entire family are welcomed to the Luau

Helping with a Fundraiser: Car Wash!

2nd VP: Keri Goins

We are excited to be having a wonderful opportunity to help Mrs. Grubb with the Student Activity FUN-Raiser. This is NOT a Booster Club fundraiser.

All details were sent in an email from Mrs. Grubb on Wednesday, May 31.

Mrs. Grubb provided each Legacy Line member 6 Car Wash Coupons to sell. We hope your Legacy sells each Car Wash Coupon to family members and/or friends who would like to support the Legacy Line program/department at Wakeland.


TEAM Directory

Secretary: Lisa McManus

Thank you for completing the team directory form.

Having all Legacy Line Backer Booster members complete this form will allow the team directory to be created for the coming year. We appreciate it!

Please click on this link - TEAM DIRECTORY FORM

The Next Steps...

Summer Camps/Practices Over the Summer Months!

June 6-9 (@Conroe, Tx): Officer Camp

June 13-14 (9am-12pm @ Aux Gym WHS): Hip Hop Competition Practice


August 2 (1-3;30pm @ Aux Gym WHS): Kit Camp Practice

August 4 (@8:30am in WHS Gym): Legacy Kit Camp Performance

August 4-6 (@DFW Hilton Lakes): Legacy Line Camp

August 8-11 (8am-4pm @ Aux Gym WHS): Boot Camp

August 15-17 (3-5:30pm @ Aux Gym WHS): Boot Camp

Don't hesitate to CONTACT us and please CONNECT with us too!

President -; 1st VP -; 2nd VP -; Secretary -; Treasurer -; Past Board Member

Visit the Wakeland Legacy Line Website:

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Facebook @Wakeland High School Legacy Line Drill Team

Youtube Channel: WHS Legacy Line YouTube