Nuclear Fusion Discovery

Madi Brumbelow 5/04/2016

Nuclear Fusion for the first time on Earth

My name is Madison Brumbelow, from Brumbelow Labs. Today we have made a wonderful discovery in the field of nuclear energy. Most nuclear energy today in our world is nuclear fission, which is splitting atoms to create massive amounts of energy. Nuclear fusion has never before been used as an energy source before, before today. Fusion is combining atoms together to make a new atom, and releasing huge amounts of energy with it. This is how the sun creates energy. But my lab has discovered how to use the same energy as the sun to create nuclear energy.

Precautions and Economics

There are some safety precautions with nuclear fusion, as well as nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion centers will need to be farther away from civilizations in case of meltdowns. The economic effects will outweigh the risks. Our method is more cost effective than nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion creates far more energy than conventional clean energy methods, so our planet would never have energy limitations again.