lian otero

RUDY Project

Q1.Setting Goals

Academic Goals: Go to a great college

Athletic Goals: Be a BasketBall player

Personal Goals: To study hard and go to college

Q2.Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacle: Nothing stoping me from going to college

Family Obstacle: To behave better with my parents also my relatives

School Obstacle: To get better grades and to get along with the teachers

Financial Obstacles: When im older earn money to go to college



Teachers/Coaches: Mr.Jezowski,Mr.Yarrington,and Mrs.Thomas

Relatives: Little Brother,Little Sister,Big Brother,Mom,Dad

Friends: Kevin,Eleazar,Brandon,Jeremy,Lance,Diego,David

Q4.Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan : Be positive,be nice,and help others

Educations/Training Plan: Study hard and read more

Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills: Get a great job,earn lpts of money,and go to college

Plan for Study and Practice: Reading,Math,Science,and Grammar