Girls Fly!

Equestrian - Jr. Posse Youth Equestrian Organization

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Unique Girls Fly! Compton Equesterian Experience

Girls Fly! Compton

Saturday, March 14th, 8:30-11:30am

453 W Caldwell St

Compton, CA

A Day With The Compton Jr Posse

The Power of Your Dreams with Horses - Horses Can Change Your Life

Did you know that being with a horse can change your life? It's true. Join us! Participants are teamed with horses. Through these equestrian activities, each girl develops responsibility, discipline and self-esteem. Students learn to appreciate the value of their equestrian-related aspirations, to set and achieve both academic and career goals.

Meet veterinarians and others whose lives and livelihood are tied to experiences with horses. Meet women and girls who have changed the direction of their lives because of the time spent on a horse.

Horsemanship: - Riding and understanding the locomotion of the horse, natural and artificial aids; the affect of the riders weight, hands, legs and voice and most importantly the riders spirit and emotions; how the rider's health is enhanced- increases metabolism, develops focus, balance and concentration.

Girls Fly! & Mayor Brown's Girls' Empowerment Program

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Meet Dr. Caroline O'Sullivan - A Partner On Your Dream Journey

Meet Dr. Caroline O'Sullivan, Veterinarian, Author and Host of "Holistic Pet Care." See her on Sylvia Global Media Network at
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Girls Fly! Mission Statement

Girls Fly! Mission – Personal impact, at local levels to advance women and girls globally.

Our Goal:

  • To make one female smile tears of joy because she has clarity tied to her most personal dreams associated with the equine experiences.
  • To unlock your heart. To give you a clearer path to your dreams.
  • A community of people who believe in YOU and your dreams.