Human Papillomarvious Infection


Warts, and cervical cancer and other HPV related cancers.


Passed between people through skin to skin contact. It can be sexually transmitted but not always.

Immune Cells involved in Immune Response

It is rare to be naturally immune to HPV as the HPV has learned to avoid an innate response and an adaptive response takes too long as the virus has already infected cell. If your body can trigger an adaptive response fast enough you will be immune, so therefore immune response is only triggered if B and T cells are fast enough to send a signal. However the body can lessen its effects use an anti- HPV antibody. There is not much known about this antibody, but it does somehow manage to kill a small amount of the virus.

Virus Replication

The virus replicates through both the lytic and lysogenic cycle.


Once you have the virus it won't go away, but the warts can be treated with Podofilox, Trichloroacetic acid, or Imiquimod. Basically they all in some way burn the warts off in the area, but only for a short time.


Get vaccinated, three doses are required over the course of 6 months. Another option is to not have unsafe sex or sex at all, but it may still be contracted by contact with skin.

Photomicrograph of HPV

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Lysogenic Cycle

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Lyric Cycle

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