Geely 1.3T / 1.8T engine

Geely Engine

Compared to the first few independent manufacturers, Geely Group's existing brands and models, yet a turbocharged engine in use, but at the last show, what they came up with two different displacement turbo pressure engine, which appeared two engines also allow us to become more promise Geely Automobile expectations.

● 1.3T engine code JLβ-4G13TD, turbocharger

Power system using small-displacement turbocharged engine is a trend in compact and small cars, Geely Group's models, such a crucial technical reserves.

On the technical characteristics, direct injection technology regarded as the best partner turbo technology, which uses 1.3-liter engine is a combination of this technology mainstream nowadays, in other hardware, based on the dual variable intake and exhaust timing technology also created favorable conditions for the work efficiency of the engine.

By comparing the data, Geely this 1.3T engine at maximum power and maximum torque of data should be higher than the public's EA111 1.4T engine, however, such a radical adjustment in volume production in the future will be able to come up with much skill when it?

● 1.8T engine code JLE-4G18TD

Geely Group's current product deployment perspective, Geely Global Hawk GX7 models with this larger displacement 1.8-liter turbocharged engine compare match, if able to existing 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine to be replaced, then, in own brand compact SUV models camp, its dynamic performance is bound to lead to other competing products models. 6 cylinder 2.0 turbocharger

This engine's maximum power of 184 hp and maximum torque of 285 N • m. Technical structure of this engine is the same basic described above 1.3T engine, fuel system uses direct injection technology, the contribution of these technologies to power and fuel economy is commonplace topic, in addition, dual variable timing technology Among the many display engine seems to have a standard configuration, of course, with hardware support, a suitable adjustment also determines the key to whether the engine performance and effective play.

A lot of people for such an engine are not too clear concept, we take a mature engine with displacement data for comparison.

The emergence of the next few years to meet the basic brand of product deployment, which is slightly smaller 1.3T engine displacement is applied to its compact cars, mini-vehicle products, while the existing compact SUV models such as the 1.8T engine can facelift it is bound to increase vehicle products in the market competitiveness.