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The City of Markham is Dealing with 3 Issues

Community Centres

Community centres are community hubs and a focal point to the residents. Markham residents are concern about building more community centres because even though the City of Markham is providing more programs, it costs a lot of money for the City of Markham to pay for them. Community centres are known to build a healthy, sustainable community. For further information, please contact us.
Markham recieves funding for new community centre

Waste Management

Waste management is a concern to the residents due to misplacing items in the incorrect bin. It can cause aquatic pollution, injury of the garbage workers, and attracting animals to eat things that poisons them. Majority of the plastics and metals take thousands of years to decompose. Any hazardous chemicals that enter the soil will harm the plants when the intake them through their roots. Waste management is a major issue we need to be aware before the future generation will generate their own waste. For further information, please contact us.
How Do We Solve Our Trash Problem?

Recreational Programs

Markham residents have the issue of this because without the program, kids cannot have anything. This leads to obesity and it is a major issue we are concern about. Kids and youths can get an active lifestyle. It is about building healthy, active citizens in our community for everyone in life. For further information, please contact us.