Kindergarten News

Week of May18-22

Check Out The Kindergarten Fun!

Monday-We continued with our fourth nine weeks assessments today. We started our PAWS (sight words) and Rigby (reading). We will continue this throughout the week. We also had fun on Maker Monday! Students created their very own bugs. They did a great job and enjoyed every second.

Tuesday-In writing, we created a story based on an animal cut-out. Students chose an animal cut-out made from wood. Then, they created fun and exciting stories. Students also visited the Rain Garden Habitat outside to explore. They noticed living and non-living things.

Wednesday-We continued our Rigby assessments today and almost finished! We also worked on our sight words. In math, we worked on fractions. We learned about 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. Feel free to practice these with your child.

Thursday-We are excited for our field trip tomorrow! We practiced what we needed to do in order to prepare for our field trip (what to wear, what to bring). Students also visited the Wonder Lounge to practice our math and reading skills.

Friday- Happy Field Trip Day! We had a great time at Ivy Creek and Penn Park. We learned so much. Ask your child something he or she learned. Thanks to all who chaperoned!

Upcoming Events

May 22-Last Day to Check Out Books

May 25-Memorial Day-No School!

May 27-Walking Field Trip to the Crozet Library-Please let me know if you would like to walk with us.

May 28-Last Ice Cream Day

May 29-Kindergarten/First Grade Music Program-9am and 6:30pm.

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