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Last class on Mindfulness in Education & Kids Yoga

Parent Mindfulness Class & Kids Yoga Class

Every Tuesday, Sheila Blake teaches the kids in her fabulous Kidding Around Yoga class while Parents meet for mindfulness and Spiritual Parenting discussions. WE are currently covering Mindfulness in Education. Great for homeschoolers. Learn some "life-saving," easy mindfulness practices to help your parenting with the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute. After class we eat and play together for 30 minutes building strong community, so BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!!! This is a non-religious event, open for all interested in mindfulness and its amazing benefits including stress reduction, calmness, clarity, focus, emotional well-being and much more.

With Kidding Around Yoga, Sheila uses a unique approach creatively joining yoga poses with songs and a wide variety of activities, games, stories, and tools to teach even the youngest of children the basic concepts of yoga and mindfulness in a fun engaging way! Your little one will learn valuable tools to use in everyday life to help manage/reduce stress, build confidence, increase gross motor skills and body awareness.

Kids Yoga & Mindful Parenting

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 10:30-11:45am

3023 Proctor Rd


BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH for after!!! $9/child for yoga & $9 for parent class. Sign up-Visit the event page on Facebook. or email Sign-up at 10:30 and classes start promptly at 10:45.

Sponsored by Youth & Family Ministry Unity of Sarasota

"If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the worldwithin one generation." Dalai Lama