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February 15 - 19, 2016

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Ele Leadership Team, cont'd... from #bray

A couple of follow-up items from our time this week:

* When sharing your data and discussing your climate survey results, it may look different for you if you are in your first year at your site compared to if you were at your site last year. For those that are in year one at your site, your information is your baseline. For those that have climate survey to compare to from last year, a consideration for you is to share the trend of you impact. Again, please refer to the Do's & Don't document. Please let us know how we can provide support for you.

*There was a read-only section on the agenda that you may have missed. Please find below:

1. As part of the District’s Strategic Plan (Goal 2, Strategy 5), the Athletics/Activities Department is gathering data on what opportunities are offered to our elementary students from the extra-curricular area with the ultimate goal to increase engagement with school through clubs and activities. Within the next two weeks you will be receiving a brief questionnaire concerning your current clubs, activities, or other extra-curricular opportunities that you offer at your site, what offerings may be appealing to your community, and what barriers you are experiencing or foresee in offering these opportunities. The questionnaire will be sent from the Athletics Department through Marty Marsh’s office. We appreciate your attention and assistance.

2. A combined SAESP/SWMAESP association meeting is scheduled for Wendnesday, February 24 starting at 2pm at Brewco. Please support your local association by attending, and use this opportunitiy to connect and learn with peers from the Southwest region. Mike Schooley will also be attending.

3. Delta Leadership Team is coming up Thursday, March 3rd. Please connect with you feeder pattern rep for anything that needs to be discussed.

4. Accept the challenge to use the Employee Recognition to give kudos to at least 3 staff members during the month of February. Fill their bucket. Share the love.

We are looking forward to site visits. J will be making up from missed visits this week: Mann, McGregor, Campbell & Portland. Please connect with either Bret or J for immediate support. We recognize the 4-day school weeks usually trump 5-day school weeks when it comes to interesting opportunities surfacing :).

It was great to be with you on Wednesday. J's favorite part was the half-dozen emails concerning vacation time in July within just minutes of the new contract being rolled out. Ele crew is on top of it!

Have an amazing week!

BOE Study Session

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 5:30pm

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

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Leadership Series - Tech Devices & Tools in Leadership

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 9-11:30am

Tefft 102 & 104

***Please note change and date from original flyer. This was originally scheduled for Feb 17 & 24, but due to scheduling conflicts, adjustments were required. The updated/corrected dates of Feb 18 & 25 (both Thursdays).
Transforming Schools: Distributing Leadership

There is no substitute for a well-designed school leadership model—one that distributes end-to-end responsibility for improving teaching and learning.

2016 MAP Grade-Level Training

Tuesday, March 1st, 1pm


Save the Date!!

The DESE required MAP Grade-Level training for Site Test Coordinators (STCs) will be Tuesday, March 1st. The training will be held at KAC, in rooms A&B, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. All building STCs must attend this training.

Resources for MAP Grade-Level testing have already been posted on the district Assessment webpage and can be accessed here: