Your Para-Normal Self

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Intensify Your Magnetism

Sunday, April 3rd, 1-3pm

WithLoveDC, 825 11th St NE

You have an electromagnetic field determining the quality of your life. In this workshop you discover what your electromagnetic field is, its role in creating your life, and to be in control of it. There is much discussion about connecting with your multi-dimensional self to use and expand your extra-sensory abilities - such as ESP, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc.

There are only a few seats left. For more info and to reserve your seat:


  • use your multi-dimensional self
  • identify your purpose to fulfill it
  • know the energies in your electromagnetic field
  • eliminate self-sabotaging energies
  • increase powerful creative energies

"Hi, I am Sev. Combining physics with spirituality, I have developed a method of creation. I will share with you the scientific and spiritual concepts regarding the electromagnetic field and how this knowledge can bring desired potentials into reality. I really enjoy this workshop. It is interactive and you will be given homework!"

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