the kind and suttle by Ali M.

What I Think of Myself

I am not much of a person who likes to risk things , especally when it has to do with the White Witch! I have a husband Mr. Beaver he can get a little anoying sometimes. I think of myself as a kind suttle beaver. One of my favorite activities is sewing with my sewing machine. I live in my dam with my husband it is quite a cosy place if you ask me. And remember it is always good to prepare.

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When I Hear Aslan's Name

When I hear Aslan's name I feel a sense of joy and a bit of fear , I am a lady so I am not afriad to say I am scared of the KING OF NARNIA!! His name fills me with a sense of hope for this land of Narnia. If Aslan was standing right next to me at this very momet I would knit him a sweeter made of steel! ( of cource if I had my sewing machine with me at that moment :)

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Father Chistmas Gift

My gift from Father Christmas was a Beaver Classic sewing machine! Any other she-beaver would have been simply envyous. My sewing machine is a Beaver Classic , wich means that I can sew faster and more efishantly. This sewing machine is way better than the one I got from Mr. Beaver more than ten years ago! I LOVE my new sewing machine!!!!!!

Favorite Quote

'' I am making sure we are well prepaired dear '' said by : Mrs Beaver
This shows how well prepaired I am.

My sewing website

This is my favorite sewing website

Any Changes I would make to Narnia

First of all I would like to have a sewing meet for everyone in Narnia who is intrestied sewing ( I would be the laeder of the group )
It also would be nice to have a anual festival
Also it would be cool to have an anual cooking compition for any one has a knack for cooking ( or just being a wife for a picky husband )
And around Christmas we can have a food drive for any hungry creature who doesn't have any food or money to pay for food