Albany School District Newsletter

January 26, 2023


A Message from Mr. Soderberg, Superintendent

Welcome to 2023!

The new year is always exciting and brings with it many new opportunities to start preparing for the 2023-2024 school year. We have been working on multiple fronts to improve our district and move forward in a manner that best serves students, families, and staff. In addition to our daily focus on student learning, instruction, and management, we are also working on some other exciting and important tasks and topics including improvements to our physical plant, expansion of our 4K program, and finalizing the 2023-2024 district calendar,

We have been approved to make some necessary improvements to our physical plant. During the summer months, we will be upgrading our electrical systems, adding air conditioning to the elementary school, completing some structural repairs in the middle school, and sealing and painting lines on the parking lot.

It’s with great excitement that we move forward to expand our 4K programming to full days for five days per week. This is a great way to serve our community, give our students a great start both academically and socially, and potentially grow our student enrollment.

In addition, we are in the final stages of designing and approving the 2023-2024 district calendar. I will be asking the school board to approve the calendar at the February school board meeting. Once the calendar is approved, we will provide our families with that information.

I want to thank the community for their exceptional support of our students and staff. Together, we are truly doing something BIG in a special little place.

It's a great day to be a Comet!

Go Comets!

Mr. Soderberg

A Message from Mr. Ritzert, 4K-12 Principal

Welcome to the New Year, Comet Nation,

There are many things to be excited about! Congratulations to our Albany Lady Comets on their 17-0 start to their season! The Lady Comets earned their first victory in the Blackhawk gym in 21 years! This is an incredible run, let's keep the momentum going Lady Comets. Additionally, our High School Honors Band will be traveling to Blackhawk on Monday 1/30/23 to spend the day practicing for their 5:30 pm concert that evening!

As always when we reflect on the work that we do, we are constantly searching for the best structures and practices to serve our students in the most effective manner possible. That being said, we believe that having students working with the expert (teacher) as much as possible is in the best interest of our students and will maximize growth for every student. We are exploring a schedule change that would move us away from an 8-period, 43-minute schedule to a 6-period, 60-minute schedule.

Proposed 2023-24 Schedule

  • 6 classes/day 60 minutes each

  • Students will have an additional 17 minutes in each class with the expert, here is what that means:

  1. This equates to a guaranteed additional 102 minutes per day with the experts well over double what a student would get with 2 study halls.

  2. Over a week's time, this would be guaranteed 502 additional minutes with the experts, over 8 hours of direct instruction-essentially like adding another teaching day to our weekly schedule.

  3. In looking at just one class, a student would spend an additional 85 minutes throughout a 5-day week which equates to 2 of our current study halls, and this is dedicated time with the expert.

  4. 17 additional minutes per class for 171 days of school equates to 2,907 minutes, which would be over 48 hours of additional instructional time for each class

  • No designated “study hall” in the student schedule

  • No designated “WIN” in the student schedule

  • MS/HS students will have access to the library during their lunch as a quiet place to work

As with any change, we understand there may be conflicts, questions, or concerns. I encourage you to reach out and schedule a meeting with me and Ms. Schulz to discuss the questions you may have.

Our core value focus was Achievement for quarter 2. Staff selected 2 students at each grade who demonstrated outstanding Achievement. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate our students being recognized at this time:

4K: Stella Brugger & Colt Krupke

K: Mia Shunk & Elly Morrell

1: Landon Strehlow & Ayla Brugger

2: Callie Spahn & Ayla Vozka

3: Easton Krupke & Issac Lisser

4: Griffin Everson & Jena Jones

5: Tayla Shrader & Kilian Hill

6: Amirah Parker & Colee Liberatore

7: Kamden Broughton & Peyton Monasmith-Pickett

8: Alexandria Leszczynski & Cassi Sticklestad

9: Beckett Wachholz & Isabella Brewer

10: Anna Ellinger & Caleb Smith

11: Alana Durtschi & Owen Roth

12: Linsey Mueller & McKenzie Briggs

Each student received:

  • A certificate of acknowledgment at our quarter 2 PBIS assembly

  • A Comet CARE “Swag Bag”

  • A Comet CARE “Superstar” t-shirt

  • A postcard mailed home with the specific reason(s) for being recognized

We will continue with the same format and select 2 students from each grade level for:

  • Quarter 3: Respect

  • Quarter 4: Excellence

As always, any questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to contact me.

Go Comets!

Mr. Ritzert

A Message from Amber Becher, Spec. Ed Director/ Speech Pathologist

The Albany School District is excited to announce our new full-day 4K program beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Families of future Comets should mark their calendars for our 4K Open House on March 22nd from 4:00 - 6:30. Students and families will have the opportunity to meet staff and explore the school. We will have fun, developmentally appropriate activities and prizes throughout the building, and will provide pizza for dinner. Please RSVP your future 4K students for the event online or by phone at 608-862-3135. Alternate 4K visits are available upon request.

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**********COMET ATHLETICS**********

HS Girls Basketball

Friday, January 27th @ Juda (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Thursday, February 2nd (HOME) vs. Black Hawk (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Saturday, February 4th (HOME) vs. Palmyra-Eagle (JV 2:00pm/Varsity 5:00pm) SERVICE RECOGNITION

Tuesday, February 7th @ Pecatonica (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Friday, February 10th (HOME) vs. Monticello (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm) SENIOR NIGHT

Monday, February 13th @ Potosi/Cassville (JV 5:30pm/Varsity 6:45pm)

HS Boys Basketball

Tuesday, January 31st @ Barneveld (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Friday, February 3rd (HOME) vs. Six Rivers West Crossover (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Saturday, February 4th (HOME) vs. Palmyra-Eagle (JV 3:30pm/Varsity 6:30pm) SERVICE RECOGNITION

Thursday, February 9th (HOME) vs. Argyle (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm) PARENT’S NIGHT

Tuesday, February 14th @ Juda (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Friday, February 17th (HOME) vs. Black Hawk (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm)

Thursday, February 23rd (HOME) vs. Monticello (JV 6:00pm/Varsity 7:15pm) SENIOR NIGHT

HS Wrestling

Saturday, February 4th (Conference Tournament) HOME vs. Trailways (10:00am)

Regionals: February 11, 2023

Team Sectionals: February 14, 2023

Individual Sectionals: February 18, 2023

Individual State: February 23-24-25, 2023

Team State: March 3-4, 2023

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