Bio Tech

By: Conner Graves and Grant Howell prd 7

How do Scientist grow seedless watermelons?

The Science

The seedless watermelon has double the chromosomes as a normal watermelon. The male flower has 22 chromosomes and the female has the modified 44. The result of this is a 33 chromosomes watermelon that is completely sterile.


1- Plant the seedless seed in a controlled enviorment at around 70-75 degrees f.

2- Once your watermelon vine is 6-8 inches you can move it to your garden make sure the soil is still 70-75 degrees.

3- Plant the normal seed next to the seedless seed.

4- Then wait for pollonation and a few sort months later you have seedless watermelon.

Here are some facts about the seedless watermelon.

frequently asked questions

  • Who created the seedless watermelon?

The answer is that no one knows for sure.

  • Why do we need seedless watermelon?

Most people prefer to not have to eat or spit out the seeds. You might even choke on it.

Debate weather genetic modification of watermelons is ok?

Pro seedless watermelon

  • It is easier and more efficient.
  • It shows the scientistic abilities.
  • Is completely safe.
  • Less likely to choke on a seed.

Against seedless watermelon

  • It is not ethical.
  • It could be poisonous.
  • It is unnatural.