Kinder Corner

What's new with Miller Kindergarten! Week 2

Miller Independence Day on Tuesday, September 8th!

Beginning September 8th, Kindergartners will walk independently to their classrooms! Teachers and Staff will be stationed in the hallways daily to help them find their way.

School Timings

Please remember that school begins at 7:30! The gym opens at 7:00 and is supervised if you need to drop off earlier. Also, breakfast can be purchased in the cafeteria every morning and can help alleviate tardies due to breakfast battles at home. ;)

Dismissal is at 2:45 on most days. You will be notified well in advance if we are having early dismissal. Thank you for your patience with's getting faster and smoother every day!


  • Parents, please check your child's daily folder each evening. Please remove any papers sent home and sign the weekly calendar.

  • If you have a note for the teacher, please coach your child to tell us they have one or have them walk in with it in their hand.

  • Please follow us on Twitter! We are @MillerKinder. We tweet fun pictures and information regularly.

Library Schedule

We visited the library for the first time this week. Please note that your class's library day is the same all year (unless otherwise notified due to holiday schedule changes). When your child has his/her library book to turn in each week on his/her class library day, they may check out a new one.
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Specials Schedule

Below is our Specials Schedule. If your child is in the "Combo" group, your teacher will let you know by writing a note in the daily folder. If you are not notified, then your child follows his/her class schedule.
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Curriculum Coming Up Next Week...

Language Arts:

-HFW: can

- Letters: general review

-Green Color Song

Social Studies:

-The Pledge of Allegiance

-School leaders


-The number 0

-Comparing sets

-1 and 2 more

-1 and 2 fewer


Observing and recording

Labor Day is Monday - No School

Enjoy your much-deserved day off! We'll see everyone back bright and early on Tuesday, Sept. 8th!