Welcome to Kate's Advisory!

GDS 2016-2017

Importance of Morning Advisory

  • Soft landing for all students, set tone for day
  • Build community, personal and social skills, executive functioning
  • Greet, share, reflect, game…building skills in fun, non threatening manner
  • Please note school starts at 8:00, which is earlier than LS
  • Please have your child enter through the MS steps rather than LS entrance

Whom Do I Contact?

  • Concerns about a specific subject: contact the teacher directly
  • General concerns social, emotional, physical, patterns in academic work in general: contact me (kmaloney@gds.org)
  • Urgent or emergency messages should go through Aleena Amir


  • Check mygds daily. Homework posted by 3:15 daily.
  • Students write their assignments in their GDS assignment books also.
  • Importance of SELF ADVOCACY for students. We want them to 'carry as much of the suitcase' as they can.

Homework on gds. org: Use the "Calendar" and "Active" View

  • This is not the default position on gds. org, but is vital for students to use!
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  • Every Friday,Taught by advisors and Rhonda Jackson

  • Rotation of 3 topics: Digital Citizenship, Living GDS Mission, Study Skills

  • Sample topics- locker organization, creating a growth mindset, learning styles

Advisory SOS


  • Wednesday, Thursday last period, “study hall”

  • Self directed opportunity for extra help, self advocacy opportunities

Sixth Grade Seminar and Service Learning

  • Purpose: Ground students in the mission of the school while utilizing the school’s commitment to social justice to inspire students to be their best selves.
  • Different learning modes will be used to examine topics such as identity development, student voice, and empowerment of youth.
  • Taught in advisory by Julia Blount
  • Service: Five Wednesdays in the first semester and five Wednesdays in second semester. Nina Grillo-Balthrop is coordinator.


  • Use the pre-arranged absence form for planned absences.


Contact me if your child would like to share a treat! Many students still love to do that! Friday we do not eat as an advisory. Students have "Out to Lunch".

Thanks for a great start to the year!

My contact info--email is best: kmaloney@gds.org