By Stephen King


Carrie White is different. She isn't attractive by any means, she isn't as smart as the other kids and her mother is psychotic. But Carrie is special. She has the ability to move objects with her mind. Telekinesis. Carrie's psychotic, over religious mother is aware that Carrie is different and hates it. Margret White, Carrie's mother, sometimes tells Carrie about how she should've killed her when she was just a baby. Carrie is raised to fear a God of harsh judgement and little love. One day, Carrie starts her period while showering in the locker room. All of the girls point, laugh and yell obscene comments at her. Sue Snell, one of the girls in the locker room, feel bad about what they did to Carrie. She convinces her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to prom. She feels this will make up for how harsh she was to her. But Chris Hargensen, the daughter of a lawyer, feels that Carrie should pay. So Chris arranges for pig blood to be dumped on Carrie if she wins prom queen. Carrie is voted prom queen. When Carrie is drenched with pigs blood she is laughed at by the other children. She begins to run away. She realizes that she can make all of them pay for what they did to her. She traps everyone inside of the gym and sets the school on fire. She continues her reign of terror into downtown and then goes home to kill her mother. When she gets home, her mother is waiting with a knife. Carrie is stabbed in the shoulder and then kills her mother. Then she goes to destroy the town bar before she dies.

Recommend this book?

Yes, I would! I throughly enjoyed reading this book. I found myself not able to put it down. It is well written and the story line of a girl who was severely mistreated is one that everyone can enjoy. It is both dark and morbid. That is something that i always look forward to in any book!

Stephen King

Stephen King is the author of many different horror stories. He has 73 different titled books, 21 movies based on books and 16 short films. I would recommend any of his books.