Write Now

Join our writers club every fourth Thursday of the month

Join us for an hour of dedicated writing.

It's an hour devoted to writing, developing your craft, and getting feedback from peers! Poetry and prose welcome

Every fourth Thursday of the month

Still not convinced? Our relaxed club is dedicated to teens who want to write, and hang out with other teens who write. We will spend an hour dedicated to writing, giving prompts, and reading and discussing our writing. So bring a pen or laptop and let's Write Now!

Authors that got published when they were teens:

Guaranteed to be fun!

Q: Do I need to already have something written?

A: No. You do not need to already have a written work. You can just come and start writing!

Q: Do I have to share my writing?

A: Only if you are comfortable. There is no pressure the share what you have written if you do not want to.

We are Bartow Library Teens

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