AP Macro Course Update

Only 2.5 Weeks left in Dr. Rhine's class

Greetings parents and students

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A Note about final exams

· Final exams open Wednesday, May 6 @ 12:01 am and close Thursday, May 7 @ 11:59 pm. Exams are only available during that two day time frame.

· Once the exam opens it must be completed within the time-frame allotted for your course. Please check this and be sure you have enough time to complete the exam PRIOR to opening it.

· There are NO extensions. There are NO exemptions.

· Be sure that you complete your exams using a trusty computer with a trusty connection – NO EXCUSES!!! Final exams will not be reset.

· You need to make sure you have the latest Java version and latest browser version, preferably Chrome or Firefox.

· Objective Final Exam (20%) The objective final exam (multiple choice) is a cumulative exam covering all of the material covered this semester. The format of the exam is very similar to the exams you are used to taking. To prepare for the exam, use any notes you have, take a look at the review sections of the content, listen to corresponding Adobe Session links. Revisit your assignments for all units as well as re-reading the quiz and test feedback (very useful). See your Course Bulletin for specific review items for your course.

Macro 5.1- Balance of Payments