A Path to Being an Astronomer


Branch of Science

Astonomers work with the branch physical science the most because outer space and planets have to do with chemistry and physics the most and also matter and energy.

Education Path

A degree you will need to be an astronomer a doctorate degree in astronomy. This degree will teach people about planets, galaxies and outer space. They also learn about the position, motion, composition of the universe and events that happened in space. Classes you should take in college are astronomy, physics, mathematics, and computer science.

Training School & College

A college you might want to go to is Yale University because it's probably everyone's dream to go there. Yale is in a urban area in Connecticut. Yale is a 4 year private University that has a student to facility ratio of 6:1. There class size will very.


The GPA needed to get into Yale is up and down. It must change every year. The ACT score you need is 28 or higher and the SAT score you need is 1,340.

About the Job

Astronomers study outer space to find answer to questions about the universe. Astronomers work 30 to 40 hours a week in a research, development, and or testing labs.

What Factors Affect Employment for this Job

In Wisconsin this job is not easy to get. There aren't really any jobs there that are open. But nationally you can find this job almost anywhere.


There is not really any jobs in Wisconsin so there is no salary for this state. But nationally your salary would be $48,710 to $155,480.


An employer for this job in Wisconsin is University of Wisconsin located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the only employer for Wisconsin.


This is a career I would see my self doing. Pros and cons of this career are that, pro if you love the universe you will love this career. Con is that you have to go for 8 years of college to do this career. Pro you get to work with space every day.


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