Mustang Minutes

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Scarborough's Summary

Thank you to everyone for another great week. The Admin team has begun our observations so look for us in your classroom soon! Remember to read the comments left on your evaluations in the PD&E database. Mr. Hunter will begin his visits next week as well. The coaches will let you know if we plan on visiting your grade level, but everyone should be ready for a drop in visit. Everyone have a nice weekend!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to Aminah Hassan, Kindergarten and Charli Sanders, First grade! Aminah and Charli have both invited the coaches in to assist them with planning and their instruction. We love to see teachers taking control of their professional development and growth!

At times we will put messages in here to see who is taking the time to read the newsletter. This week, we are allowing jeans to be worn on Wednesday, but don't tell! Only those who read this will know the secret and wear jeans on Wednesday (only- except Friday as usual). :)

Media Center News

Library orientations are almost finished and the media center is almost ready to start allowing whole classes to come to the media center. We are excited to get started, so please come to the media center to signup for a whole class time!

Counselors' Corner

The Great Days of Service week is Oct. 19-23. This is a county wide food and toiletry drive that supports 7 Gwinnett food banks. Rockbridge will be collecting tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap and toilet paper.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Elenor Roosevelt

Custodian Closet

The county has placed a huge focus on the maintenance of the school's carpeting. The county replaces the carpet every 15 years. The sooner we know of a spill, accident or illness the more likely we are prevent a permanent stain. Stains on the carpet count against the school's two annually unannounced inspections, so your help is greatly appreciated if we are to win the award again this school year.

Technology Tips

If you haven't already done so, please go to the website below and create an account to access our Flocabulary subscription. Flocabulary is a great way to hook students at the start of a lesson or to review content.

Happy Clicking!

Coaches' corner

Guided instruction is an ideal time to differentiate.

-Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

A big THANK YOU to all grade levels for your participation and positive feedback regarding our first Math Model Classroom experience! We have been excited to see many of you using the strategies you observed with your own students this week. We look forward to continuing this learning model with you throughout the school year!
Adimaris & Hilarie

Parent Connection

You may begin to request translators for your Parent Teacher conferences. Sign-up sheets are in the Parent Center!

Calendar of Events

9/14- Faculty meeting- what can CCRPI data tell us to improve student achievement?

9/15- Mr. Hunter visit classrooms

9/16- Local School Council meeting

9/16- CogAT testing begins

9/18- Mr. Hunter visit classrooms

9/21- RLT 3:00 Media Center

9/21- Fire Drill 8:45 am

9/23-24- Early Release

9/28- New Teacher Network 3 pm in Media Center

9/28- District Support SD for RES Learning Cohort

9/30- RBES due