South Africa

What's the problem with mining?

The problem with mining is that it's very dangerous and risky. In the article Mining in South Africa it say, "Workers must travel deep underground in dangerous conditions. 123 men were killed on the job last year alone. There also risks of diseases like tuberculosis and becoming wounded from accidents in the mines." In fact, another article called, South Africa Pushes Wider State Mining Role, it says that strikes have spilled beyond the mining sector.

This proves that mining is dangerous and risky. People have died, gotten diseases and wounded. Miners don't get that much money and that's why they've gone on strike and instead of hiring people from South Africa, they've hired other people from different countries to mine. People have been shot to death by the police because they went on strike.

Solutions for mining!

Some solutions for mining is giving the miners more money, recycle so we could use less materials needs to be mined or not build much cars and try and use public transportation. Also we could use plastic instead of metal. Some solutions in an article called, What is Mining, are "Spread awareness of this issue by sharing your knowledge," "Make companies who exploit developing countries accountable for their actions." These are some solutions that could help the mining problems.