Covering Drug Advertisment - By Michael Tomasch

What Ads Do The FDA Regulate?

The FDA is responsible for regulation all drug advertisements

excluding those referencing over the counter drugs.

How Does The FDA Regulate The Ads?

The FDA does not directly review and submit advertisements,

instead they constantly monitor active ads and remove those

that violate policy.

The Effects Of Failing To Follow Regulations

Failing to follow regulations as a company is bad news, it could lead to

lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc. As a customer, it could lead to major side effects,

including death.

How Effective Are The Rules & Letters?

The FDA issues warnings toward companies not following

their rules. If a company ignores the letters they are capable

of being sued, brought into a lawsuit, or being shutdown.

How Many Warnings Does The FDA Issue?

Per month, the FDA issues a minimum of 35 warnings, for all kinds of different

advertisements and reasons.

Michael Tomasch

Information from fda.org