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Home and School Connection -March 6, 2020

History Fair

Congratulations to our winners of our History Fair and moving to regionals!

Beyond the Dance: Katherine Dunham - Rosaria R.

Chasing the Demon - Lily D. and Rhiann Z.

Special Olympics: An Olympics for All - Isabel C. and Kyle S.

Breaking Barriers in Jazz History - Andrew C.

Letter from Dr. Rigg - Superintendent of Schools

This letter addresses concerns throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools regarding the Corona Virus

TONIGHT! Unplugging, Restful or Stressful?

Today is National Day of Unplugging which starts sundown, Friday, March 6th and goes until sundown Saturday, March 7th. Now is a perfect opportunity to talk with youth about how they (and you) would feel about putting tech away for 24 hours (or less or more) for this National Day of Unplugging. The key questions to ask are, "Why do it?", "Will it be restful or stressful?" and "How to do it?"

Every year, there are over 1,000 events that happen. Even if it doesn't work for you or your kids to unplug for a whole 24 hours, picking just a segment of that time, like maybe the night of the March 6th, would be worthwhile. It is a great way to get the discussion going around these ideas.

Little experiments like these can bring big insights into our habits and help start us on a path of change.

Click here for more information on this day!

Heart of the School Awards!

Our teachers, administrators and staff members are the Heart of our Schools.Our educational mission is lived out by the thousands of dedicated school employees who support our students every day. While our administrators, teachers and staff members do not seek out recognition, it is important that we celebrate their tremendous work. For many years, the Archdiocese of Chicago has honored outstanding Catholic school employees through the Heart of the School Awards.

Who Can Be Nominated: Any current teacher, administrator or staff member who works in a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Chicago can be nominated for a Heart of the School Award. Employees can be full- or part-time employees and must work directly for the Catholic school (not a third-party organization). To nominate someone for this award, click here.

Who Can Nominate: Nominations can be submitted by any stakeholder at the school (e.g. teacher, staff member, administrator, parent, volunteer, student, etc.). Nominations will be accepted through March 30, 2020.

Tax Credit Scholarship Donations

The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program, “Invest in Kids,” provides a 75 percent Illinois state income tax credit to individuals and corporations that contribute money to a non-profit Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). The SGOs award scholarships to eligible students from low-income families. Donors will use money already owed to the state (taxes) and donate it to a needs-based scholarship instead, all while receiving a 75 percent state tax credit. Please contact Mrs. LeTourneau if you have any questions about becoming a donor or click here for more information.
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Yankee Candle Fundraiser

The Yankee Candle Fundraiser began Monday March 2nd and runs through March 30th. Order packets have been sent home with students. If you have any questions please contact Tracy Zulfer at (708)426-4816 or at fourleafclover26@comcast.net. Thanks!

2019-2020 Tax Credit Scholarship Recipients

This year we have several students attending Divine Providence School with a Tax Credit Scholarship. One of the requirements is that they take the Illinois State Assessment. This assessment will be given to students starting next week.
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What's the Point of Fasting During Lent?
Archdiocese Parent Survey

Survey open until March 20, 2020

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Congratulations to our 5th grade class- they are the first class to reach 100% of registrations returned for the 2020-2021 school year!

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School Registration for 2020-2021

School registration has begun for the 2020-2021 school year. Planning a school year needs to start early and we need your help! To help, we are offering parents and students incentives!

Parents- Register by April 10th to pay the reduced registration fee of $100. Registration on April 10th will increase to $150. Also, refer a friend! The biggest compliment we can get is by your reference. If you are listed as a family that refers another family that decide to attend DP school, you will receive a Spring 2021 credit of $500! You can earn more than one credit!

Students - students that are registered will have a car with their name on it in the hallway. They will also receive out of uniform passes! The earlier you register, the more out of uniform passes your child can get! (Passes are good on Mondays to April 6th). The first class to get 100% will win a class prize.

If you are not returning to DP we will be so sad to see you go, but please let us know on the registration form. Your student will still be give the car in the hallway and the out of uniform passes!

Warm Winter clothing

It has been noticed lately that some students are not wearing proper winter clothing, particularly for recess. Students will go outside when the feel like temperature is 20 degrees. It is not optional whether students go out or stay in. Please make sure they bring not only proper winter clothing, but make sure it also is labeled with their name in it. We have a lot of students that wear the same size clothing and it is hard to find who a piece of clothing may belong to. Thank you for your cooperation!

Tuition Referral Credit!

A $500 credit will be issued in the spring of the new school year to any family who refers another family to Divine Providence School as long as the following stipulations are met: the referral family must be listed by the referred family on the school registration form; the referred family must attend Divine Providence for the entire school year; if more than one family is listed on the referred family’s registration form, the credit will be divided equally; both the referral family and the referred family must be current on tuition in order to receive the referral credit

Tech Talk Tuesday

Unplugging, Restful or Stressful?

Tax Time! Printing your payment summary

Families can view and print their FACTS payment summaries for tuition and fees by following these steps:

Go to your Payment Plan and Billing

Click on “View Details” on upper right side of page

Click on “View Payment Summary” upper left side of page

Select year from drop down menu near middle, left side of page

Print Feature is located on the upper right corner of page

If you have any difficulty you can call FACTS at 866-441-4637

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish Bulletin

Please click here to view the Parish bulletin

Do you receive texts from DP School?

If your answer is "no" please see this important page to start receiving them!

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Important Upcoming Dates

March 8 - Confirmation Rehearsal 11:15 AM Divine Infant Church

March 9 - Report Cards go home with students

March 9 - Race to registration out of uniform day for students with passes

March 10 - Late Start (9 AM)

March 13 - Confirmation at Divine Infant Church at 7:00PM

March 16 - Race to registration out of uniform day for students with passes

March 17 - Out of Uniform for St. Patrick Day - wear green!

March 18 - St. Joseph's Lunch for all

March 19 - 11:30 Dismissal, Parent Teacher Conferences by request only ** No afternoon extended day**

March 20 - Staff Development day NO SCHOOL

March 23 - Race to registration out of uniform day for students with passes

March 30 - Race to registration out of uniform day for students with passes

March 31 - April 4 ACT Aspire testing

April 4 - First Communion Rehearsal #1 11:00 - 12:30 PM in DP Church

April 6 - Race to registration out of uniform day for students with passes

April 9 - Last day for early registration fee!

April 9 - THIS IS A SCHOOL DAY WITH A 1:30PM DISMISSAL - aftercare is available

April 10 - NO SCHOOL Good Friday

April 13 - 17 - Easter Break

April 20 - Classes resume

April 23 - First Communion Rehearsal #2 11:00 - 12:30 PM in DP Church

April 25 - First Communion at Divine Providence Church 11:30 AM Church

CLICK HERE for the most up to date school calendar (Calendar subject to change)

Recognizing DP Staff!

Our staff works so hard to make your child's day positive, educational, and spiritual. I would like to start a form that, when a staff member goes out of their way, we can recognize them. This recognition is called the St. John Baptist de la Salle award. St. John Baptist de La Salle is a Saint that devoted his life to teaching. He trained other people to be teachers. John urged his teachers to treat their students with love and compassion, making time for them and being concerned for their spiritual well-being.

Your recognition can take the form of a private "Good Job" to that staff member or we may post it here in our school newsletter- that is up to you! Anyone at DP can be recognized- teachers, teacher assistants, staff and administration. Thank you for taking the time. This will be available all school year! Click on the form below.

Have a question? Email your child's teacher!

All teachers now have their proper emails- including our new teachers. Thank you for your patience!