Smart Smurf News from Mrs. J

News for you

A special "Thank you" to everyone that made our Thanksgiving Feast wonderful! I hope that everyone has a peaceful and safe break over the next few days. I would like to allow the students to draw names so that we can exchange gifts before leaving for Christmas Break. I thoughts are to have students draw names and to keep the name secret  until the day we exchange gifts. I would like for the gifts to be handmade. I would also like to put up a table top Christmas tree in the classroom to put the gifts under. Students could wrap the gift and put who it is from but not who it to so that we are able to keep it a secret. If you would allow you student to participate and if you don't mind me putting up a Christmas tree, please email me with an "Ok" or send in a note. The pond group will meet only on Monday this week and only on Monday the following week. Students are working a folder for the Industrial Revolution.

Up Coming Assignments and Tests

Please check over your child's Industrial Revolution folder. The folder will be turned in on Dec. 7th and graded. Students will have a social studies test on Progressives, Immigration Issues, and U.S Expansion on Nov. 29th. Students will need to respond to the Kidblog question by Nov. 29th. Students will have a math test on Algebra on Nov. 29th Students will not have a new novel until after Christmas Break. Students will not have spelling words this week, since it is such a short week.


Please check the statement that best matches your wishing: Please return this portion to the teacher. ______My child can participate in the gift exchange and the teacher can put up a Christmas tree in the classroom._____My child can not participate in the gift exchange and the teacher can not put up Christmas tree in the classroom.