Bulldogger Tech Talk

March 11 - 15, 2019

The Smithsonian Learning Lab allows teachers to create and search for documents, images, videos, interactive animations, and lesson plans from a wide range of Smithsonian-hosted resources. It also lets you create collections to share with others as well as create assignments to give to your students. The video playlist embedded below teaches you how to collect, customize, and share collections of resources in the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

The Smithsonian Learning Lab's collections feature on its own is great, but the collections are better when you can share them with others. In the Smithsonian Learning Lab, you can create a classroom. Students join your classroom by entering the password that you choose. Once students have joined your classroom, you can share resources with them. You can also distribute assignments to students through your Smithsonian Learning Lab classroom.

Linking slides can be a great way to create unique reviews and presentations. Students can create "choose-your-own-path" stories, and teachers can create great Jeopardy style reviews. There are several more ways to use the linked slide, but for now, check out this premade Jeopardy Board template to begin creating your review games. Simply make a copy of this template and insert your own material. You can add pictures and backgrounds to make it your own. This has the slides linked to the correct questions.