Failed Amendment

By Alexander Rodrigues foundations 09

Amendment History

The movement of making English the official language of America was proposed by Senator Samuel Hayakawa in 1981. The vote was on August 17, 1982. In the end, this amendment failed to become a law.

Arguments For

People wanted this to pass and become a law because they wanted the government to have a primary language so the government was more simple and organized. Also, people were afraid that Spanish speakers would take over, making Spanish the primary the language and pushing out the English speakers.

Arguments Against

If English was made the primary language of the United States, then it would essentially ban other languages from being used. America is known as a melting pot for all cultures around the world. If English is made the official language, it will take away the diverse culture that America has to offer.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I do not agree with the amendment. It would not be fair for the people who are not English speaking and for people who were not born in this country to be forced to speak a language that is not natural to them. Also, I think it will prevent people from learning a new language.

Opinion of Others

I talked to my friend, Abigail, about this amendment. She was in agreement with me. She felt that America was special because there are so many languages and cultures blended in one place. Take that away, and America is no longer interesting or special.