Poplar Grove Plantation

Find out how Plantations worked long ago

Come on the tour to find out about Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths long ago did things with a anvil that help them bend metal to make fences, knifes,swords, axes, tools, and more. Blacksmiths are related to Steel Smiths that use more advanced tools like a blowtorch, electric saws, and more. Blacksmiths are also related to railroads because railroads have big like nails that keep them in place, and blacksmiths would have made those because those people made those things.
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How did they make cloths in the plantation

The first started the process by farming sheep or farming cotton which you pick and shearing the sheep[cutting off the wool]. Then they cleaned the wool or cotton with a tool that made it straight and got out dirt trash to, the wool or cotton then was tied to the spinner that spun the wool or cotton to a wheel of wool or cotton most of the time girls did this. Then they use the loom to make the cloths, rugs, dolls, and more if its made of wool or cotton, Compared to today it is different because now we robots instead I rather do it the old fashion way.
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The "Hey" Ride

The "Hey" Ride doesn't have Hay surprised it was because people got blisters from the hay.It is the "Hey" Ride because the guy says "Hey". But on Halloween it is a haunted "Hey" Ride. Compared to a car it is pretty slow. But it is as fun as a car X 2.
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Slaves at the Plantation

the slaves there were actually treated good? For a slaves they got land from the owner to make a house.Compared to maids they are different one the maids were paid and did less work when slaves weren't paid and did harder jobs.
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