Middle School Monday Memo

May 7, 2018

End of Quarter 4 grades 2018 / Promotion Information

  • Students should have all past due assignments completed to teachers by Friday, June 1.
  • Grades will be due to be completed by Tuesday, June 12.
  • Report cards for students will be posted on Monday, June 18.

Promotion Policy:

Students are promoted to the next grade if they pass all academic subjects. Students who fail more than one core course must repeat the grade. A student may receive credit for subjects failed by satisfactorily completing an approved summer school program. This would allow the student to move to the next grade. The expense of summer school belongs to parents/guardians. Students with IEPs are promoted in accordance with mastery of their respective IEP Goals.

Teacher evaluations and projects:

  • Your principal will be in touch to set up a time for your teacher observation of your class and will complete final evaluation.
  • Observations will be conducted the months of April/May...depending on teacher testing schedule.
  • Teachers completing projects should have finished project submitted to the appropriate principal by June 1.

Tentative Schedule for 2018/2019 School Year

Thank you to everyone who completed the feedback survey about the schedule and the school year. We used the information to make adjustments to next year to benefit our students but also to ensure that all time is used effectively and efficiently. We did eliminate homeroom to allow teachers time to prepare for the morning class sessions. PLT has also been changed until the end of the day. We are currently working with Colleen to improve the PLT session to make it more effective and meaningful for students. Once we have more details, we will provide them to everyone. Below is a copy of the schedule for teachers.
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2018/2019 Report Cards

  • Next year we will move back to quarterly report cards.
  • This should help to eliminate issues of students wanting to complete work months after it is due.
  • Each quarter will be the close of assignments for students.
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