The 8th Grade Me

By Zoe Wilson

Descriptive words about me

  1. freckles
  2. different colored hair
  3. yellow -green eyes
  4. Petite
  5. long hair
  6. small boned
  7. small face
  8. dark clothing
  9. nice
  10. funny laugh


  • Horse Back Riding
  • Running

My biggest influence

My family



These lyrics signifies me because they try to take Spirit from his home and he tries to get home in the end he does and he does everything that he can just to stay free

My Favorite Quote

" I smile when I catch God watching me through the eyes of a horse" - Kevin Weatherby

Places I have been

I went to Canada summer before last

My Dreams and asperations

I want to show jump all across the world when I get older

My Philosophies/Beliefs

I believe in god

What Do I Love/Hate

I love horses and i hate people that are rude or ignorant

What Is My Work Ethic

I think i have a very good work ethic, I just get the job done and try not to complain about it