1980s Project By Luke Draeken

What they look like

cabbage patch kids are homely but cuddly, sixteen inch long baby and toddler dolls, yarn-haired and made of soft material. They have big eyes and dimpled cheeks Each kid has its very own name, first and middle

as well as a unique combination of hairstyle, hair coloring, skin tone and facial characteristics, all the way down to the placement freckles

Some Facts

During the 1983 christmas season, the toys, whose retail prices were 25$ but were being sold up to 2000$
They were created by Xavier Roberts

During the 1983 Christmas season, parents in the United States frantically searched everywhere for the coveted Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. While many stores had extremely long waiting lists, others had a first-come first-serve policy, which led to shocking, vicious fights between potential buyers. By the end of the year, approximately three million Cabbage Patch Kids dolls had been "adopted."

3 Cabbage Patch Kids