By: Anaya Johnson


There is more to Pixar than just an Animation Studio...

The History of Pixar

Pixar was created by two men one named Ed Catmull ( Left ) and the other John Lasseter( Right ) . Catmull was known as a ¨Computer Scientist" by many producers. The producer that had given Catmull the nickname was George Lucas who had wanted him to work for Lucasfilms as an animator. A year after that Lucasfilms had just made a hit movie ( Star Wars ) Catmull was on his way to California to find jobs of his own, he had arrived and had just met a team of highly skilled computer professionals which is when John Lasseter was introduced. Lasseter was just fired from Disney because he had made a short film so he was also trying to find opportunities in California which gave the team the idea to use the skill and make it positive and should make short films to play before a movie. The team had soon opened a small studio where they would start there journey. Pixar had became official in 1983.
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The Progression of Pixar

At first Pixar was not at all an animation program but instead they were a computer hardware company that would sell ¨Pixer¨computers ran by Steve Jobs. The whole idea of the company was soon changed when John Lasseter threw out the main idea of the business and make Pixar manufacture short films, it had taken awhile to convince Jobs but soon enough he ad opened up to the idea. The next change for Pixar was to make the main focus short films, also as time progressed Pixar had also began to make full length computer animation films which were very rare for the Pixar company. Now Pixar has expanded there company and have chose to combine their skills with Disney's ideas and have been making movies such as Brave, Up, Toy Story, etc. and short films like The Blue Umbrella and The Paper man. So when the two animating businesses joined forces there can be more films!

Movies Disney-Pixar

Short Films Disney-PIxar

Pixar's impact on Society

In my opinion I think that Pixar had two major impacts on society. The first one would be the fact that Pixar was the first animation company to have the most advanced computer technology at the time because of Steve Jobs suggestions and add-ons. The second impact that Pixar had great film outcomes that have won awards and short-film outcomes that premere in front of those films. In 1986 Pixar showed a film of this clip of two night lamps and then after the film a watcher came and in person came up

Pixar's People and Products.

Product: If you want my opinion I would say that Pixar has had many film productions that were all successes and if I had to chose my all time favorite Pixar movie it would ultimately be The Incredibles because I thought that it was fun to have a family of "Supers" as the plot.

People: As you know Steve Jobs was the publisher of the animation films company Ed Catmull and John Lasseter created which was Pixar. Pixar was very sucessful and here is some interesting information about the creators:

1.Ed Catmull wanted to be an animator for Disney but in collage he thought he wasn't good at drawing and turned his main focus to computer tech.

2. John Lasseter personally directed Pixar's Toy Story 1 and 2, A bugs Life, and Cars and Cars 2.

3. Lasseter was named Creative Chief by his co. workers in Pixar.

4. Catmull has a Bachelors degrees in physics and computer science.

And Pixar is making even more movies that will be coming soon...

Here is a Movie Trailer of the most recent film Pixar has made:

Inside Out Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Disney Pixar Movie HD