Naming Fiasco

Hosted By NamerGirl

Taking Spring by Storm

In order to become more connected as a Namer community and to bring in those just getting started, I've decided to host what I'm calling a "Naming Fiasco".

The plan is to share this flier to as many people as possible in the naming community and have maximum participation. During the event, each Namer will ask each of their followers an individual question and answer all of the questions sent to them (no mass-market questions). Hopefully, it will introduce more people to each other and bring us closer as a community.

If you would like to participate, send me a personal question saying "I'm in." I will compile a list of the usernames of all of the participants and share that with you the day before the event. Follow each person on that list and make sure each of those people are following you. Either follow me at or get in touch with another participant to receive this list.

If the time of this event doesn't work for you and you would still like to participate, send me a question saying "Can we host this at _____ time on _____ day?" If there are enough requests, I will either change the date/time and/or create a second session.

Naming Fiasco

Saturday, Aug. 24th 2013 at 7-9pm

This is an online event.

Please note that the time listed is in Eastern Standard Time (i.e. Atlanta, Georgia time). I don't know what time this would be around the globe, so if this is extremely early/late for you, let me know. You can log on anywhere from 7:00-800 to participate (to ensure time for everyone to answer your questions).


7:00 I will log on and release a mass question saying "The Naming Fiasco has begun! Namers, ask away!" You may begin asking INDIVIDUAL questions at that point.

8:00 I will send out a mass reminder that participants should be asking/responding to questions by this time, to ensure we wrap up by 9:00.

9:00 I will release a mass statement ending the Fiasco and thanking all the participants.