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4th Grade at River Place Elementary~~September 2, 2013

Here we go with week two!

We have had a great week learning about each other and setting up our systems. This week we will be starting a regular schedule. Since we missed Monday this week, homework folders will be going home on Tuesday. All homework can be accessed online through our class website (see homework link below). We will have 2 pages for Math and 2 pages for Language Arts each week. If you are unable to print the pages, students are encouraged to put answers on regular notebook paper and bring in the answers on Friday. If you won't have access to a computer during the week, please let me know early in the week. ;)

Every link here can be accessed from our class website at the bottom of this newsletter ;)


Students should bring their agendas home each night and return them each day.

BEHAVIOR: There is a behavior section at the bottom of each day. If you don't see anything written by me, your child has a "green", or excellent, behavior report for the day. If there is any behavior issues during the day, I will write a note in the behavior section for the day.

READING: Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night. Have them record the Title, Author, and minutes read in the reading section at the bottom of each day. There is a place for parents to initial that this has been done. ;)

SPELLING: Spelling words for the week will be recorded by students in the far right column of the week's agenda. Pace Language Arts students will have an extra 8 words per week.

Important Information!!!

This Week's Spelling Words are from Unit 1

If your child would like to practice their spelling words in a fun way, have them go to the Spelling Practice Link below:

Our Class Blog!

Students can access our class blog from home. The blog gives them an opportunity to practice writing and communication skills in an ever expanding digital world. We have discussed the importance of students using their best "netiquette"! Manners online are just as important as in person. "Treat others how you want to be treated!"