SMS Scoop

September 17, 2018

Say CHEESE! Picture Day Tomorrow

Lifetouch Photography will be at SMS tomorrow morning for our annual fall picture day. All students and staff will be photographed as these will be our yearbook photos. These pictures are also used in Harmony. So nobody can skip out!

Students are not required to purchase picture packages. However, those that do can do so by bringing their completed picture flyer envelopes (with money) to school tomorrow. Those bringing orders will hand the envelope directly to the photographer. Parents/guardians can also order pictures online from the SMS website. You will find the link to the Lifetouch portal as well as the SMS code on our main page.

If you want to buy pictures but forgot your money on picture day, you can call home before 8:05. Since we start taking pictures right at 8:10, any forgotten orders will need to be hustled to campus. Another option for those forgetting money is to order online- Tuesday night or Wednesday. Lifetouch will take orders the night of pictures and the day after.

If you are absent tomorrow, picture retake day is set for November 15th.

If you have any questions, check with Miss Nass.

Late Start on Wednesday

All SCSD2 schools will run on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, September 19th. Bus routes will run two hours after normal pick up times. School will start at 10:05. Breakfast will be served from 9:45 to 10:00 AM. Students that must arrive on campus at 7:30 due to a parent work schedule, can still arrive on campus at their normal time. They will be supervised in a study area until 9:30 AM. School will end at the normal time that day. All classes will be held but on a shortened time schedule.

Teachers will use this opportunity to investigate data from our recent NWEA testing session. By working together, teachers can make decisions about upcoming instructional needs and about course curriculum in general.

Yearbook Club Info Meeting Tonight!

Tonight is SMS Yearbook's first meeting of the year. If you are interested in taking pictures and helping to create our yearbook, come to room 809 at 3:00 to learn what yearbook involves and how you can be a part of it! Please make sure you have a ride to pick you up by 3:45. If you have any questions, see Ms. Shuler or Mrs. Boley.

Mid-Term Tasks

Friday, September 14th was the halfway point of the grading period. We call this day Mid-Term. Two things happen when we reach a mid-term.

  1. All students are asked to check their grades in Harmony. This is a great time to make sure things are accurate. If you have a dispute about a score, ask your teacher about it this week (don't wait until report card time in October).
  2. All parents and guardians are asked to check student grades in Harmony. They can access grades in Harmony Family Access or they can ask YOU to show them grades from your own Harmony account. Either way, be prepared for some conversation. Talk about your progress, your challenges, your goals, and your STRATEGIES for reaching them.

If any student or parent/guardian has any questions about mid-term progress, ask the teacher. If anyone has a question about finding grades/Harmony, ask Miss Nass!

This Week...

Mon. Sept. 17: A day, Spell Bowl 3:00-4:15, Yearbook Info Meeting 3:15-3:45, Builders' Club Meeting 3-4, CC @ East Washington, GSoccer @ Corydon, 6/7/8 Volleyball v. Southwestern

Tue. Sept. 18: B day, PICTURE DAY, Drama 3:15-4:15, Tennis @ Highland Hills, Football @ North Harrison, GSoccer v. Highland Hills, BSoccer v. Highland Hills, 7/8 VB @ Madison

Wed. Sept. 19: A day, LATE START DAY, Cross 9:45am, Spell Bowl 3-4:15

Thu. Sept. 20: B day, Student Council 7:15am, FACS Club 3-4, Drama 3:15-4:15, Tennis v. Austin, CC @ Jennings County, 6/7/8 VB @ Austin

Fri. Sept. 21: A day, GSoccer @ MSC tourney

Sat. Sept. 22: Tennis @ Providence, 7/8 VB @ Salem