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Customer Care Newsletter: November 2012

It's time, once again, for another installment of our fabulous Customer Care Newsletter!

This month, we have a lot to celebrate in the land of Care. The department has grown with crops of fresh faces, and our customers are continuously dazzled by our timely and compassionate assistance. In addition to the dozens of new members, we have seen process changes which have facilitated and honed our ability to help customers with their various concerns. Our response times have seen a steady, stellar rise, and we are constantly innovating ways to quickly aid newcomers to ModCloth, as well as our fabulous, long-time fashionistas. Having made it through the thick of holiday sales, it's time for a re-cap of November wins!

High Five

Straight from the source ...

5. Whoever said money can't buy you happiness never shopped at Modcloth. Just had the best customer service ever! (Facebook)

4. Thank you for the awesome email! ModCloth has the BEST customer service. I'm so pleased that your wonderful customer service informed me of my options. I sincerely thank you for making this such a pleasant experience. Though I'm not as enamored with this jacket as I had hoped, I have complete faith that I'll find another awesome ModCloth item to make up for it! (Incident #338618)

3. Love the customer service at ModCloth! I live chatted with a rep today about my situation:

Me: "I ordered a pair of shoes in a size 6. I wore them to work yesterday and today, and I realize I need a size up. I assume I can't exchange them because they are in 'worn condition'. Am I right?" Rep: "While this is definitely not something we're normally able to do, it looks like this was your first ModCloth purchase, and I'd hate for you to be stuck with a pair of shoes you just can't use. While we wouldn't be able to accept used returns, I'd be happy to offer you a store credit for their value that you can use towards a new pair =)"

Wow! I wasn't expecting that at all, and I thought it was so nice of them to care enough to allow me to do this. I will definitely be a ModCloth customer for life, and I will definitely share this experience with others! Thank you, ModCloth for going above and beyond! (Facebook)

2. The customer service rep went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me. I brought my dress to the dry cleaners and they "lost" the belt. I nearly had a meltdown right then and there because it's one of my favorite dresses! I told the customer service rep, and she told me she would see what she could do. Today I came home to a box with a new belt in it. I LOVE MODCLOTH!! It is very evident that you guys really care about customer service. (Incident #342864)

1. I just want to thank you and Modcloth for standing beside your product and offering me the choices you did. I secretly hoped in my heart that you guys would be this great, and I'm happy to shop confidently on here from now on knowing you have such good customer service! In this day and age of throwaway consumerism, it's hard to find companies doing it right. Thank you for being super! (Undisclosed ticket)

Care Corner

An intimate chat with one advocate's furry feline companion ...

While life hasn't always been easy for Customer Care advocate pet, Mr. Poopy Mittens, the tuxedo cat has been on the up and up since he began life as a vulnerable kitten on the tough streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a little over two years ago. He found his forever home, somewhat reluctantly, on a crisp spring day when a young couple happened upon him at a wine festival. The pair was visiting the festival as part of a work outing, and they were guilted into adopting by co-workers. In the two years since that fateful day, he's moved from New Mexico, to Texas, and all the way to Pennsylvania. Not one for travel, Mr. Mittens resents the fact that his owner cannot seem to settle in one place for more than two years at a time, and hopes the healing economy will help her stay put -- but doesn't really care either way, as long as the Fancy Feast keeps coming.

What is your favorite part about being a 'Mod'-kitty?

Well, I think the dogs seem to have it all, don't they? I think it might be nice to come into the office and play. Amy (owner) and I have discussed dressing me up like a dog, but unless I can have free reign of the air ducts, I'm really not interested.

Since starting at ModCloth, has Amy showered you with gifts?

(yawn) She bought me that tee-pee thing. It's alright. She took a picture of me in it. You may notice that I don't look very pleased. That's because she pulled me out of my Sunny Seat, whilst I was napping, and shoved me into the thing for a photo-op. I hope it's blurry. My favorite mod purchase is the yellow curtains. They're purr-fect for digging your claws into. I especially like to do this when she isn't home.

I'm sorry to hear you don't like the tee-pee. Maybe she just needs to put more blankets in it.


So, what it the most exciting thing that has happened to you since moving to Pittsburgh?

Well, the girl never lets me out of the house. Which I'm still trying to understand. I'm a full-grown cat -- I can take care of myself. Anyway, she was making some soup the other day, and the odor was pretty awful, so, she opened the kitchen window. While she was napping, I jumped out the window --because the genius doesn't use any screens -- and ran into the forest next to our house. Needless to say, she had to pull me out of there, hours later -- but for those few precious moments, I was a free cat.

Sounds harrowing.

Hmph. My life is fairly uneventful. But, as long as I can get the occasional belly rub, and my regular can of sweet, delicious Fancy Feast, I'm a relatively happy animal.

Would You? Could You?

Advice for a few tweaks here and there ...

You guys should have more retro brown, loose trousers or tweed pants or cigarette pants! Retro ones...not like, skinny jean ones. -- Incident #325830

Exposed zippers. please make them go away!" – Facebook

I can spend hours checking out all your super cute styles! I love your filter features as well, when I'm looking for something specific. I would like to suggest an additional filter: by fabric type. I might be the only one, but I generally try to avoid polyester and other non-natural fabrics. I would love to be able to sort through "cotton dresses" to find the perfect one! That way, I won't fall in love with something I'll never wear :( I'm not asking you to stop using polyester - it's a versatile fabric that lends itself to lots of great design details and styles! But being able to separate natural and man-made fabrics would save me a ton of time. --Incident #352734

I Feel Pretty

Customers share the way they wore it ...

One For The Team

'Mod' props to us all ...

Hello, I'm Jessica Carlson. I'm 17 and from a small town of St. Francis, MN. I go on this website on a daily basis and look at your clothes and other products constantly. I'm currently in a drawing class at my school and my sketchbook is filled with your clothing. I work at McDonald's and have been saving up to go on a total shopping spree at ModCloth. This email doesn't exactly have a point, but I just wanted to say thanks for having such great things. I can't wait till the day I own something from ModCloth. You guys have inspired me and made me so fascinated with fashion. (Undisclosed ticket)

Who designed and developed your mobile app? Sweet. -- Incident #333293

Please tell whomever writes your punny product descriptions that s/he is truly a man-made upper! -- Incident 321047

Happy Thanksgiving ModCloth people. Just wanted to say, that 85% of my wardrobe is from this website and I check it almost everyday to see what awesome new products they have now. You have the best customer service that I have experienced. I constantly urge people to use this site because it is so great. So to sum up, you rock, your clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. rock, this website rocks, and I hope your holiday rocks as much as you do!!!!! :D -- Incident #347189

A huge THANK YOU to your returns dept. I placed an order on 31 Oct, and b/c I live in Alaska it took 16 days to get here. I had to make a return but was concerned about the timing considering your 30 day policy. The customer service agent I spoke to was more than gracious in understanding and extending the return time due to the logistics. Even though this order did not work out for me, I will be a loyal returning customer! Again, thanks! -- Facebook

Dear Modcloth,

My cat would like to thank you for the box you so graciously sent her. She immediately climbed into almost before I could empty it of the "excess" clothing items it contained. She believes this is the most wonderful service a company could ever provide to a cat. Keep up the good work.

Honey the Cat's Mom -- Facebook

Adventures in Care: Advocates give thanks for ...

Advocate Ryan Monroe: I recently experienced my first-year anniversary with my significant other and I'm quite thankful for the experiences we've had in the past year.
Advocate Tracey Vaughan: I am thankful for....My family, friends, the ability to try new things and travel...Oh and the STEELERS.
Advocate Amy Kuhre: I am thankful for my family, friends, and all the experiences I typically take for granted. Oh, and music. -- so very grateful for music.